Fabric Awnings & External Sunscreens

The Australian designed LUXAFLEX® Evo Awning Range by Macleay Blinds represents the latest in design, styling and functionality allowing you to enjoy your view whilst providing glare and UV protection. With a full suite of Awning styles including: Cable Guide, Side Tension Channel (STC), Channel, Straight Drop and Pivot Arm Awnings the LUXAFLEX® Evo Awning Range offers an aesthetically appealing look across all products and a solution to meet every need.

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• LUXAFLEX® Automatic Awnings – are a perfect choice for close fitting to windows on a ground floor or onto a balcony. LUXAFLEX® Automatic Awnings maximise space with its minimal projection. Easy to use, they operate on fixed guide rods and the self locking arms allow simple adjustment by hand or by a pull stick.

• LUXAFLEX® Systems 2000 Lock Arm Awnings – are an award winning ergonomically designed awning style that incorporates superior materials and function. Similar in looks to the Automatic Awning, the LUXAFLEX® Systems 2000

Lock Arm Awnings have more flexibility in the fixings, and have been tested by the CSIRO to withstand rigorous winds.

• LUXAFLEX® Systems 2000 Pivot Arm Awnings – from the same family of awnings as the Systems 2000 Lock Arm Awnings, the Pivot Arm Awning has more control options. Perfect on homes that are more than two stories high, they can be controlled by crank, internal winch or cord.

• LUXAFLEX® Channel Roll Up Awnings – are especially designed with indents in the side channels so that the awning can be easily pulled down and locked into position. The spring loaded axle helps the awning to be tensioned, thereby preventing the bottom rail from sliding upwards in windy conditions.

• LUXAFLEX® SMARTSCREEN® External Sunscreens – provide a fresh innovative alternative approach to controlling light and heat and UV rays from entering your home. They seamlessly integrate with any design style and are especially suited to large external windows. LUXAFLEX® SMARTSCREEN®

External Sunscreens provide a modern and stylish look with the functionality to protect your home all year round.

• LUXAFLEX® Straight Drop Awnings – are perfect for privacy and sun protection, providing a stylish and contemporary finish to your home. With a variety of control options, such as rope & pulley, spring loaded, crank control or cord and spool; you are guaranteed to find an option that suits your requirements.

• LUXAFLEX® Folding Arm Awnings – are specifically designed to allow you to screen and shade large patios, balconies and verandas, without the support of posts or beams, making your outdoor areas more inviting. The strong support arms are easily extended or retracted to provide the shade required, and are capable of spanning large widths.

• Zip Track Awnings – The Zip Track Awning is unique because of its specially designed side guides which guide the fabric and hold it in place. The unique side guide & spline system are designed to hold the fabric in place in even the toughest wind conditions. Ideal for veranda’s, patio area’s & outdoor dining area’s< LUXAFLEX® Fabric Awnings by Macleay Blinds are covered by a 5 Year Guarantee. Zip Track Awnings by Macleay Blinds are covered by a 2 Year Guarantee.