DUETTE® Shades

One of the greatest benefits of LUXAFLEX® DUETTE® Shades by Macleay Blinds, is the ability to control the rooms temperature. A well insulated window can reduce energy consumption as it relies less on air conditioning/heating to control the temperature of a room. In particular, LUXAFLEX® DUETTE® Architella Shades can save up to 43% on your heating costs!

LUXAFLEX® DUETTE® Shades by Macleay Blinds provide the ultimate in versatile light control, privacy and style to any room. Produced from a remarkably tough spun bonded polyester honeycomb structured fabric, LUXAFLEX® DUETTE® Shades are an efficient window insulator, keeping your home warm in winter & cool in summer, saving on your energy costs. They also provide perfect coverage over sloping, arched, dome, triangular, round and bay windows. Attractive & contemporary, LUXAFLEX® DUETTE® Shades are available in a range of colours and fabric styles to soften the light and bring warmth to any room.

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Reasons why LUXAFLEX® DUETTE® Shades by Macleay Blinds are the best choice when it comes to quality window coverings:

  • Unique honeycomb cell - this traps air in the cells, keeping you warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and cutting heating & cooling costs
  • 3 fabric densities (block out, translucent & sheer) - Three unique fabric densities put you in control of the amount of light, heat and privacy in your home.
  • Two cell sizes - LUXAFLEX® DUETTE® Shades by Macleay Blinds are available in 2 pleat sizes, and a variety of fabric ranges for versatility of application
  • No joins - you will be able to cover large windows without unsightly seams or joins
  • Ultra short stacking heights - when raised the blinds will virtually disappear from sight.
  • Concealed cords - concealed mountings & supporting cords means you will benefit by having no cord holes to let light in, and no visible brackets to ruin their striking appearance
  • Versatile - you can cover all types of windows as LUXAFLEX® DUETTE® Shades by Macleay Blinds come in many different shapes: arched, angled, skylight windows etc.
  • Fashionable - which means you will have colour on one side for your room, and white on the other side for reflecting heat, and a uniform external look
  • Practical - LUXAFLEX® DUETTE® Shades by Macleay Blinds prevent valuable furniture and flooring from fading in the harsh sunlight

Additional options that make LUXAFLEX® DUETTE® Shades by Macleay Blinds a cut above the rest:

  • Different operating options - LUXAFLEX® DUETTE® Shades by Macleay Blinds are available in a wide range of operating options, including “Ultraglide” (retractable cord), “Easy Rise” (cord loop system), “Light Rise” (cordless system) and “Power Rise” (motorised system). This ensures there is always an operating system available to suit your home.
  • Duette Architella - LUXAFLEX® DUETTE® Architella Shades by Macleay Blinds represent the biggest innovation in honeycomb technology since LUXAFLEX® introduced it! DUETTE® Architella Shades feature a patented honeycomb-within-a-honeycomb construction, which dramatically increases the products ability to insulate in the winter & cool against the summer’s heat.
  • Different styles - DUETTE® Shades are available in a huge range of styles, which when combined with the range of operating options, provides a massive range of products which will guarantee to suit your home & lifestyle. “Top-Down, Bottom-Up” allows you to raise the blind from the bottom (like a standard blind), and also lower it from the top! “Duo-Lite” design will allow you to combine 2 fabrics (usually a sheer & a blockout) in a single blind for complete versatility, and a “Vertiglide” is the perfect solution for sliding doors, as it hangs the honeycomb fabric from a track at the top of the blind, and allows it to slide horizontally, just like a curtain.
  • Platinum Power Rise - this battery operated motorisation option removes the need for an electrician. Operate the shade with the touch of a button across on or multiple DUETTE® Shades.