SILHOUETTE® Shadings & LUMINETTE® Privacy Sheers

LUXAFLEX® SILHOUETTE® Shadings & LUMINETTE® Privacy Sheers by Macleay Blinds form part of the exclusive LUXAFLEX® Softshades Collection (along with DUETTE® Shades & PIROUETTE® Shadings). The LUXAFLEX® Softshades Collection captures the essence of premium styling for your windows with the most comprehensive and unique collection of fashionable soft window fashions.

LUXAFLEX® SILHOUETTE® Shadings, with the signature S-Vane, feature soft vanes suspended between two sheer facings. Translucent fabric vanes diffuse the light to provide a warm whilst room darkening fabric vanes help darken your room and provide privacy.

LUXAFLEX® LUMINETTE® Privacy Sheers are a visually striking alternative to sheer curatins with the benefit of translucent or room darkening vertical vanes that provide perfect light and privacy control with full 180 degree closure.

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Reasons why LUXAFLEX® SILHOUETTE® Shadings  by Macleay Blinds are the best choice when it comes to quality window coverings:

  • Light control - the signature S-Vane features soft vanes suspended between two sheer facings. The vanes can be opened for a full soft focus view, closed for privacy or tilted for light control. Combining the beautiful characteristics of curtains, shades & blinds in a stunning design like no other
  • Polyester Fabric - made from 100% anti-static, dust resistant polyester, LUXAFLEX® SILHOUETTE® Shadings  by Macleay Blinds & Awnings are durable & easy to clean.
  • Colour Range - SILHOUETTE® Shadings are a patented design exclusive to LUXAFLEX® Window Fashions that offer a huge range of colour s in both room darkening & translucent fabrics in two vane sizes, 50mm & 75mm
  • UV Protection - The unique two sheer facings provide high UV reduction with the vanes closed, depending on the type of fabric chosen. The front facing is a fine weave sheer, while the back is a more open weave which provides the best view through effect.
  • Functionality - SILHOUETTE® Shadings provide the functionality of two blinds in 1 covering. Daytime privacy is achieved by the sheer facings, and nightie privacy is assured when the vanes are fully closed
  • Appearance - the back of SILHOUETTE® Shadings are white, providing light reflection which assists with reducing heat passing into a room. This also provides a neutral appearance from outside, regardless of the shading colour inside the room. There are also no cords running through SILHOUETTE® Shadings fabric to detract from its simple elegance
  • Colour Co-Ordination - matching fabric covered headrail, matching cord & bottom rail & designer matching fabrics provide you with a totally consistent appealing product which will match or complement any decor.

Reasons why LUXAFLEX® LUMINETTE® Privacy Sheers  by Macleay Blinds are the best choice when it comes to quality window coverings:

  • Unique Design - this product is unique and patented to Luxaflex. Competitor products that may have some similarities do not feature the superior fabrics, in particular the way the sheers hang in a soft rounded position, or the fabric vanes which are part of the sheer’s fabric blanket. They also do not feature the superior SOFTTRACK® system.
  • Fabric Choices - there are 2 vane sizes available; either 89mm or 120mm, and there is a wide range of fabrics available in each vane. The fabric sheers come in a range of choices, such as textured finishes & decorative effect. Some fabrics feature coloured vanes to enhance colour intensity, while others feature white vanes to achieve a natural ambience & light reflection. There are a choice of light control fabrics available, from translucent, to light filtering & block out for privacy. This allows you to maintain the same colour & style throughout your home with translucent vanes in the living areas, and blockout vanes in the bedrooms.
  • SOFTTRACK® Exclusive Track System - features a scissor mechanism to perfectly align the vanes at all times. Smooth & effortless to operate, only one track is required. When the fabric is drawn across the track the track is not visible as the fabric pelmet perfectly covers it.
  • Functionality –  provides the functionality of 2 blinds in one stunning shade to deliver light control and privacy. When open the sheer vertical facings provide daytime privacy and maintains your view. With the vanes closed, night time privacy is assured.
  • Choice of operating method - LUMINETTE® Privacy Sheers come as standard with a combination wand with cord operation. You twist the wand to rotate the vanes, and pull the cord to retract the vanes. The wand will sit neatly behind the first vane. You also have the choice of a travelling wand. You traverse the fabric by holding the wand & pulling the fabric across, and then twist the wand to rotate the vanes.
  • UV Protection - the unique sheer fabric facings provide a reduction of the sun’s UV rays, depending on the fabric selected.


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Covered by a 5 Year Warranty, LUXAFLEX® SILHOUETTE® Shadings and LUMINETTE® Privacy Sheers by Macleay Blinds are sure to suit your every need. Call us today for your obligation-free in-home consultation!