Vertical Drapes

LUXAFLEX® Vertical Drapes are available in a range of fabric colours and textures and add a fresh new dimension to a traditional window fashion. Available in 3 different slat widths: 89mm, 100mm & 127mm.

LUXAFLEX® Vertical Drapes by Macleay Blinds offer a sleek modern design incorporating fabric vanes that can be easily tilted or stacked to the left, right centre, or split stack to each end, for the perfect answer for light control and privacy.

Perfect for all application types, from sliding doors to sloping top windows, LUXAFLEX® Vertical Drapes by Macleay Blinds are the most flexible solution for your window covering needs.

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Reasons why LUXAFLEX® Vertical Drapes are the best choice when it comes to quality window coverings:

  • Light control: LUXAFLEX® Vertical Drapes by Macleay Blinds have blades which turn 200° to ensure minimal light gaps.
  • Sleek designthe headrail & all visible components are slim & elegant in design. The sleek 25mm curved profile provides the perfect contemporary look, or for a more traditional feel you can reverse the profile and use the fabric insert option.
  • Minimal stack size: Slim slat traveller design means your blades stack up to 20% narrower
  • Patented blade alignment: Gravity centring blades mean your blades will automatically return to their original position after being disturbed. The unique patented self alignment mechanism in the slat travellers ensures the vanes are always equally spaced and guaranteed to hang straight and parallel. This ensures a smooth operation on even the largest of blinds.
  • Rapid stack back: LUXAFLEX® Vertical Drapes by Macleay Blinds have a rapid stack back facility which allows the entire blade stack to be quickly & easily traversed across the track in a single movement making window cleaning a breeze.
  • Easy blade removal: the removable blade hook means that unlike other brands, removing the hook is an easy job – no tools or specialist skills required